US Solar Installs Fall to Their Lowest Level Since 2015, as Uncertainty Swirls and Prices Rise

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America’s solar industry had its toughest quarter in two years. 

Faced with political uncertainty, rising equipment prices, a slowdown in maturing markets, and a churn within residential installer rankings, deployments in the third quarter of the year are down on both a quarterly and annual basis. 

According to GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association’s latest U.S. Solar Market Insight report, 2,031 megawatts of PV were installed in the U.S. in the third quarter of the year, resulting in the market’s smallest quarter in two years. (For historical context — Q3 deployments were still 100 megawatts more than the entire year of installations in 2011.)

And even with the slowdown, solar PV added 25 percent of new capacity additions to America’s grid in the first three quarters of the year — coming in second to natural gas.

U.S. Quarterly PV Installations, Q1 2012-Q3 2017

Quarterly U.S. Solar PV Installations

Source: GTM Research / SEIA U.S. Solar Market Insight, Q4 2017

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