Soy Meat Is Soy Yesterday

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Upton's Naturals shredded jackfruit

Jackfruit trees yield nutrient-dense fruit with a meaty texture. UPTON’S NATURALS supplies heat-and-serve varieties in flavors like Bar-B-Que and Sriracha. $5 per box,


Sophie's Kitchen shrimp alternatives

Something’s fishy in the vegan aisle—SOPHIE’S KITCHEN makes soy- and wheat-free shrimp alternatives from pea protein and konjac, a.k.a. elephant yam. $5 a package,


Lightlife deli slices

Unlike imitation turkey and ham, LIGHTLIFE deli slices are reminiscent of hummus and make for yummy, filling sandwiches. About $3.50 for a package of 12 slices,


Maika Foods veggie burgers

With a mission to preserve veggies’ flavors, hues, and nutrients, MAIKA FOODS offers vibrant burgers made from carrots, green peas, and beets. $5 for four patties,

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