Munch an amla to stay cool all day

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Hyderabad: Doctors say that munching on amla while at work can go a long way in improving your overall health. Recent studies indicate that working women who are stressed tend to consume over 2,500 calories more than their non-stressed counterparts on a weekly basis.

To combat such tendencies, adaptogens, popularly known as healing plants, are recommended to strengthen the body’s natural response to emotional and physical stress. Ayurvedic doctors say that the use of adaptogens such as tulasi and amla in medication is an age-old practice.

Dr Vishwanath Nambiar, an ayurvedic doctor, says, “We make use of natural plants in our treatment regimes. We ask our patients to drink water in which tulasi or neem leaves have been immersed as they have antibacterial properties. The medical properties of such plants help in digestion and strengthen fat metabolism.”

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