Man loses 6st 3lb to reverse type 2 diabetes during weight loss journey which saved his life

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I had just celebrated my 40th birthday in 2011 when I saw that the office where my business was based was offering free health checks for the over-40s.

I hadn’t considered my health for years, so it seemed like a good time to get a comprehensive check. I was always overweight, even as a child, and I was taught from a young age never to waste any food on my plate.

I also have a slightly addictive nature, so certain foods became very addictive, especially junk food and sweet things like curries, pizzas, chocolate, crisps etc.

However, that didn’t affect the shock I felt when I had a follow-up appointment and discovered that not only did I have type 2 diabetes, but I was also suffering from chronic high blood pressure.

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