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Gardening can be intimidating for newbies – a daunting list of rules and regs and unpronounceable Latin names to memorise before you even get near a plant. Yet when it comes to the world of houseplants, it is almost always too much care, rather than too little, that is the problem. In fact, overwatering, particularly in the winter months and especially from eager beginners, is famously the number one killer of indoor plants.

Starved of the oxygen they need to survive, root cells begin to rot and die. Bacterial and fungal infections spread quickly, creating a telltale smell along with yellowing, wilted leaves. Paradoxically, the inability of dead or dying roots to provide the leaves with enough water causes them to look virtually identical to a plant facing drought stress, often causing people to water already waterlogged plants even more. If this has happened to you, don’t panic. Here are some simple tips for bringing overwatered houseplants back from the brink.

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