How to Get More Fiber in Your Diet: Health Benefits of Psyllium Husk

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Fiber can help normalize blood sugar, which is good news for diabetics. Unsplash/Daria Nepriakhina

Everyone knows how important fiber is for the body, as it benefits everything from digestive health, to weight management, to blood sugar and cholesterol maintenance. That said, there are many ways to get fiber in your diet, but one of the best sources is an edible, soluble fiber called psyllium husk.

You may have seen psyllium husk marketed as a natural laxative in health food stores, and that’s because this bulking fiber promotes healthy elimination by detoxing the colon quickly and effectively.

I also love it because it’s a known prebiotic, which means that it helps to feed to good bacteria (probiotics) in the gut. But that’s not all it can do. Here are five additional ways psyllium husk benefits the body:

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