How to Cope When You Feel Lonely and Invisible in Your Marriage

How to Cope When You Feel Lonely and Invisible in Your Marriage

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Do you feel lonely and invisible in your marriage or other relationships? If so, you know how painful this can be.

We all expect to feel connected, understood, and appreciated by our spouse or partner and when this doesn’t happen we’re left feeling hurt, angry, and confused.

This is a common experience among those of us who struggle with codependency because we have a hard time being vulnerable, asking our partners for what we need, and practicing self-care. Often, we internalize feeling lonely or invisible as rejection and shame — blaming ourselves and feeling unlovable. In order to regain our self-worth and create more satisfying relationships, I asked psychotherapist and relationship expert Robyn D’Angelo to help us out with some strategies to cope with feeling lonely and invisible in our relationships.

Let me just start by saying, marriage is hard + I suck at being married sometimes. Feeling lonely + invisible is something I have absolutely felt in my relationship and I’m certain I will feel it again at some point.

It’s taken me some time to get to a place where I can confidently say that when those feelings return (because I can guarantee they will) I am prepared. I feel ready. So let’s talk about how I got here, so you can too.

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