High-Quality Ketogenic Diet Food: Full Ketogenic Diet Food List

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Let’s be honest: this diet is simple but can feel pretty strict at times, and it’s easy to miss the foods you used to eat if you focus on what’s lacking. So let’s start talk about all the delicious whole foods you can eat. We will break it down into four sections, fat, protein, carbs, and miscellaneous.

High-Quality Ketogenic Diet Food
High-Quality Ketogenic Diet Food

Ketogenic Diet Food List: Fats

Healthy fats are really the cornerstone of the ketogenic diet. In order to keep your body in a state of ketosis—breaking down fat instead of carbs or protein for fuel—you’ve gotta eat a lot of fat—at around 70% of your calories, in fact. We want a high-quality ketogenic diet, which means quality fat, which means the source matters. Check out our full article on healthy fats vs. the ones to still avoid even in ketosis.

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