Fun facts you never knew about coconut oil

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As a college student, we’re always looking for inexpensive ways to pamper ourselves with all of the stress of midterms and papers. With just one jar of coconut oil, you can truly provide yourself with a makeshift spa appointment in your dorm room. Coconut oil has taken center stage as a hot “superfood,” and we at the Clog found some interesting facts about the ubiquitous oil for you to enjoy and potentially benefit from.

1. It can be used as a hair mask

Coconut oil is excellent for repairing damaged hair, as well as restoring shine and hydration to your hair follicles. This makes coconut oil a great treatment for dandruff, but remember not to use too much! You can either create a coconut oil mask for your hair and wash it out in the shower, or choose to apply a small (pea-sized!) amount of oil to damp hair after you shower.

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