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A survey of medical college students recently published in BMC Psychiatry revealed a potential link between smartphone addiction and symptoms of depression.

In 2016, over 1.5 billion smartphones were sold across the world. Since their invention in the 90s, smartphones have weaved their way into our everyday lives by helping us find directions, stay connected to our friends and family, as well as keeping us updated on current news. But despite helping us better navigate our daily lives, over-reliance on smartphones can be a form of addiction.

To study the prevalence and effects of smartphone addiction in college students, a group of Chinese researchers surveyed 1,441 smartphone-using 17 to 26-year-old medical college students. In their study published in BMC Psychiatry, the team found that almost 30% of students exhibited some form of smartphone addiction. The measurements were made using the Smartphone Addiction Scale which assesses addiction based on four symptoms:

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