Body-positive blogger Megan Crabbe on why she doesn’t give a damn when men say she’d be more ‘f***able’ if she was skinnier

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A BODY positive blogger “doesn’t give a damn” when cruel trolls say she’d be “more f***able” if she was skinnier.

Megan Jayne Crabbe, aka @bodyposipanda, is proudly part of the body positive community – which encourages women to embrace what are traditionally seen as their flaws.

 Megan started out on Instagram, but now she's a bestselling author
Megan started out on Instagram, but now she’s a bestselling author

She first became part of the group after recovering from anorexia. Megan, 23, suffered from an eating disorder in her teens and received in-patient treatment for her extreme weight loss.

Since recovering her confidence has soared, and she now regularly posts images of herself in a bikini and her underwear on Instagram to encourage other women to accept themselves.

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