7 Must-Have Foods for Fabulous Forties!

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Berries of all colors should be your go-to fruit. From blackberries to blueberries to strawberries to raspberries to cranberries and cherries, this tiny fruit family is filled with age-reversing properties. Berries are full of phytochemicals that have a cancer-fighting ability. These are full of antioxidants that fight free radicals, again protecting you from cancer of various types.2. Eggs

Including eggs in your diet can sound cliché however the reason is strong enough. One egg can give you protein to keep you full and choline – the fat-burning nutrient.

3. Onions

Red Onions contain chemicals like quercetin and anthocyanin that are known to fight colon and breast cancers. These chemicals create a hostile setting for cancer cells and inhibit their growth.

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