6 Ways Anxiety and Depression Are Beneficial –

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As a sufferer of both myself, I know first-hand that Anxiety and Depression are often difficult and invisible conditions to live with; they disrupt our lives, cause weight loss or gain, physical illness, insomnia and even suicide. I was even declared not fit for work by a doctor because of these debilitating conditions. How on earth can they be helpful to us?

Here are six ways Anxiety and Depression can help you:

1) They can be major change catalysts
While they can sap your energy, negative feelings can be a major change catalyst. For a long time, I had meant to get into therapy, but I never found the time, until a mental breakdown forced me to make the time. My anxiety reached such drastic levels that I had a psychotic episode, and so I decided to go and see a trauma therapist, and since doing so, I’ve learned a lot about myself, including uncovering a toxic sex addiction. If I did not have such adverse life experiences, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Now my whole life has changed: I am owning my weaknesses and working on them, and my priorities are different.

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